Christmas Time!

It’s been a little while since I’ve update on Closet Geek but that’s mostly because it’s a really busy time of year. Since October I’ve been fairly consistently busy but as it gets nearer to Christmas, it’s really picked up. Not only that but in the last couple of weeks I’ve attended two Christmas Markets locally and making stock for that definitely took up most of my time.

With only three weeks to Christmas, I do expect the orders to slow down. However there is still plenty of time to get orders in! If you’re wondering about last delivery dates you can find them on the Royal Mail website but remember to order at least a few days before that deadline date in order for me to ship out in time!

The next discount code will come out between Christmas and New Year, in order to grab some new year bargains! After that I hope to concentrate on some new stock ideas including notebooks and cushions.


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