It’s a New Year and there’s new products too!

I don’t know how many people read these little updates but if you do then I apologise for the lack of posts! Christmas was really busy and then I had hoped January would quieten a little, but not so much!! That said, I love to be busy, so I’m not complaining.

I thought I would take a little time to show you what I’ve been working on recently and maybe even some new items that will be coming to the store.

Photo 07-01-2016, 21 02 30
First of all, there have been bow ties. I’ve actually made about 6-7 in total, but each one was a bit trial and error. I think I’ve now perfected the way of making my hair bows into bow ties and this could well be an option coming into the store!

Photo 15-01-2016, 22 52 04
Next up is bows on bobbles. This is something I was asked about a while ago and I was quite worried about trying. I’m still not sure long term, how the strain on the bobble will wear over time. However as you can see they are pretty cute. Bows on bobbles do need to be slightly smaller than the regular bows though.

Also this month I have tried out some ears! These pictured above are Cinderella themed ones and they were the first I tried. Afterwards I made some Star Wars ones too. Finally I got a pair of sparkly Minnie ones requested and so I make those. I do have lots of other plans too but at the moment I just don’t have the time to try them all out!

sw_ears minnie_ears
Finally I’ve been sewing a few custom dresses. There has been Hiro, Wendy, Mary Poppins and Cinderella. Hopefully a couple of these will be coming to the store soon!

12391784_10153858679693384_1820405672335985967_n mp
hiro 10290641_10153858680253384_3853856109587150435_n
And I think that’s about all for now! I do have plans for some Valentine items and also some future products. Hopefully I’ll be able to post about that shortly. In the meantime, if there is anything you would like that I don’t do as yet, please feel free to ask.


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