Happy New Year (yes.. I know it’s February)

So I know this is a little late but Happy New Year to anyone who comes across my site! I realised the other day that my last update was August when Closet Geek turned ONE, so I figured it was about time that I updated.

2017 has got off to a very busy start, especially I think, because I added Disney Ears to my store. Majority of orders seem to be for ears and bows, with a sprinkling of dresses, pencil cases and bunting! I had hoped to find time to work on some new products, come January, but as I mentioned before it’s February already and not much new seems to be happening yet. I do have some great ideas and have started fiddling with Infinity Scarves and Travel Document Holders, so please keep an eye out for those being finalised and hopefully added to the store.

My daughter Megan has also been working on developing her artwork skills and soon I hope to be featuring a few items of hers in my store. At present I have her DLP castle printed on fabric, but I have plans for an UP House, an Enchanted Rose and (not yet done) Cinderella’s Castle too.

Anyway I really just wanted to check in (and update my page) and give a little info in the process. I will be trying to update my home page more often but in the meantime it’s definitely best to follow my Instagram for the most up to date info, or if you prefer – most of the posts are cross-posted to Facebook and to Twitter.


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