Half Way Through The Year!

So we’re into July now and that means we’re over half way through the year. I can’t believe how different this second year has been from the first but I’m eternally grateful for all the continued support I’ve received. I don’t often update the blog part of my site but I really just want to take a minute to thank everyone.

This year I have seen my Etsy grow, to over 3,500 sales, almost 1,000 reviews and almost 2,000 favourites. While I don’t tend to use many of my social medias, my most popular – being Instagram – has also hit over 3,000 followers.

I’m so proud of my little business and so overwhelmed by support, kind words and of course continued orders that I receive. I can’t believe that Closet Geek’s 2nd Birthday will be coming up in just over a month and I also can’t wait to celebrate that with everyone.

On a final note, I thought I would share a few stats on my most popular items this year, so far!

Since adding ears to my store in January, these have now become the most popular item overall in my store. The listing for “various ears” has received almost 12,000 views and 72 orders! However as this is a mixed listing, its very hard to gauge which particular pair is the most bought. That said, the Moana ears in just one style, have received 121 orders since they arrived in my store at the beginning of the year, with my original “most popular item” the Marauder’s Map pencil case, slipping to second place with only 85 orders.

Other popular ears include; Mickey and Minnie themed, Beauty and the Beast, and DLP 25th Anniversary inspired pairs. Popular bows continue to be; Belle, Ariel, Alice and surprisingly Jessie! Infinity Scarves have also been very popular since they were added. The Marauder’s Map style is slightly in the lead of the Beauty and the Beast stained glass, but there is only 7 orders between them both!

So I’m not sure when I’ll get time to update again. I have the summer holidays with my kids coming up, where I will of course still be working but will be enjoying any spare time I have with them. I’m expecting the Halloween rush to begin on September 1st so I hope to have some Halloween ears done by then, as well as some more clothes (fingers crossed). If you want to contact me, via Etsy is by far the best way and failing that then by email (hello@closetgeek.co.uk). Instagram DM is fine but don’t expect an immediate reply as I don’t tend to get notifications and I have to remember to manually check the inbox every now and again!


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