Happy New Year – it’s 2018

As always, I love the chance to look back over the year and see what items have been great sellers with my customers. Can you believe I’ve had a massive 1,970 sales in the last 12 months?! So what’s the most popular item? Well I’m pretty sure it’s the same as last year – Marauder’s Map pencil cases. In the last year I have sold 250 of them! That’s huge. A close second to that, is Marauder’s Map scarves. These were massive in the run up to Christmas and I was absolutely flooded with orders for them. I have had another massive 210 orders for the scarves. Still interested? Well Moana ears sold 160 pieces, Ariel hair bows were 105, Mickey and Minnie themed ears were 91, while DLP 25th Anniversary ears sold 83. Overall, ears have been a massive seller since I added them to the store this time last year!

Its fantastic to see orders from people all over the world. Majority of my customers this year have been from the UK, with 1,186 orders being sent within this country. After that, USA is a popular destination, with 558 orders being sent there. European countries come next, with 44 to France and 48 to Germany. Finally, Canada sneaks into the top 5 locations, with 27 orders being posted out to there.

With Social Media, I have increased my Instagram following from just under 2K, to 3.5K and climbing. Twitter and Facebook have been less focused on as I just prefer Instagram for CG, but due to the Christmas giveaways they have grown somewhat too – with Twitter at around 600 and Facebook at around 700.

New items this year have mostly been the addition of Disney ears, in so many different varieties. Infinity scarves were also new in the early part of the year. Sadly travel wallets never really got worked on enough but I’m hoping to do that again soon. Giving away Mystery boxes were also a massive thing during this year. I ran one every month until May, where I gave away three to carry through the months we would be moving. I didn’t quite get back to monthly boxes after that but I did do a CG birthday one and a Christmas one, with many loop giveaways involving other small businesses too. I had a plan to work on boys clothes and even had some models lined up, but that didn’t pan out either. I worked on candles, artwork, drawstring bags and bunting too, but all of these got a little forgotten. I worked on a few new dresses, including Lilo, Little Bo Peep and Cinderella – these were all added to the store. Reading cushions were one of the last things added to the store this year and they turned out to be really popular in the run up to Christmas too.

So what can you expect to see in the next year? Well who knows for sure but I have some ideas. For some time now I have wanted to work on aprons, with an inspired character style. I would also like to add pins to my store, made with Megan’s artwork. Finally, one of the other ideas I have for the store is pin flags, where people can display their pins – hopefully working with glitter writing. By Christmas I would definitely have liked to work on a different idea for an advent calendar as the bow one I did last year was incredibly time consuming, and I would like to get much more stockings in the store as well.

And there you have it. My round up of the year and my hopes for the coming one. Do you have any ideas you’d like to see? And products you would like me to stock? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Thanks for reading, Bel x


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