Hunkules Collection revealed – Hercules Inspired

Ever since starting my own business, it has been a dream to offer geeky tees. I was never quite sure how to go about it but after purchasing my own embroidery machine and taking some time to get to know how to use it, I definitely decided this was what I wanted to do.

Usually I find it easiest to get excited about a project, if its something I personally enjoy and so making a Disney’s Hercules collection was definitely top of the list. I personally love the movie Hercules and I consider it to be so underated. I love Hades as a villain and Megara as a heroine and I really wish there was more merch available. So of course, this was where I decided to go with my first collection.

In the mean time however, I ended up launching an Incredibles collection because of course the new movie was coming out. I was “super” pleased with this collection as it was my first but I couldn’t really get excited about it in the same way I was about my Hercules collection. Finally I found time to work on ideas and while I had to give up on my Symbol of the Gods design (embroidery machines are not friends to designs with multiple circles inside each other), the collection was launched with 6 designs – Hades, Pain and Panic, Megara, Pegasus, The Muses and of course Hercules himself.

The collection went live on the first weekend in July and it was so popular I was blown away. Not surprisingly, Pegasus was the most popular design – even though mine was definitely Hades. Thank you so much to everyone who supports my business and of course my own embroidery designs. While I don’t always use my own designs (sometimes I purchase or download them), it really does mean a lot when the collection is made up 100% of my own embroidery designs and people want to own them.


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