It’s 2019!

I’ve been pretty awful at remembering to update my site so I’m going to attempt a quick catch up.

Closet Geek now sells t-shirts, pin display flags, reading cushions, hair accessories and lanyards on a regular basis. Once a month, ears and bows are also available on Etsy. While many listings still remain in my Etsy store, my main site is now where you will find all the t-shirts and pin flags at a lower price than on Etsy.

T-shirt collections include; Supers (Incredibles), Hunkules (Hercules), Adventure (UP!), and Parks (Disney Parks). There have also been limited edition accounts which included; Nightmare Before Christmas, Villains and Christmas.

There are also a whole bunch of individual designs, waiting for collections to be designed around them.

At the start of 2019, I launch an extended Parks Collection. This was a re-design of some of the original designs, a re-release of some of the limited edition designs and a whole bunch of new designs too.

I also released a small collection in collaboration with Fangirl Pins and Disney Lizney. This was a Beauty and the Stamp collection which is themed around their pin and prints.

It’s now the start of February and I’m hoping to drop a new collection in time for Valentine’s Day. Watch this space!


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