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So I’ve had what I think is a fab idea! I love sewing and discovering new projects and I thought if there are some people around with spare time on their hands, they might like to try out a new idea or two themselves.

I have the first few ideas for projects and in fact I made my first tutorial today. I will be making each item with step by step instructions and while the basics will be shared to my Instagram post, the full instructions will be posted here on this site.

There is no profit for me to made from these designs, I’m not currently selling anything connected to these projects either (though I would love to sell craft boxes in the future). While most will require a sewing machine, I hope to do a variety of projects and vary up the types of materials you will need for them.

All designs are ones I’ve either previously made myself for the shop, or that I have found in an internet search. I am in no way trying to step on the toes of other small businesses who may sell items similar to some of these projects and I am certain there are plenty of people out there who would still prefer to buy small shop products than make them themselves. All I hope to achieve through Closet Geeks Makes is to spread a little homemade magic during these uncertain times.


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  1. Yay! I made my first set of no sew ears (during our lockdown) and my husband then treated me to a sewing machine! I’m waiting for fabric and I’ll definitely be following you for tutorials.

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