Hi there! My name is Bel and I’m the owner of Closet Geek. I started this shop by means of a crafty outlet but also because I’ve always fancied working from home. Over the past few months I have been sewing and making for friends and family, sharing them on my social media accounts. There seems to have been a fair bit of interest and as such “Closet Geek” was born.

I originally opened a jewellery store on Etsy and even hosted a Christmas Market stall a few years ago. Now I’ve expanded to make bows, kids clothes and even stationary items. I hope to bring you some more items soon as well.

Items such as jewellery, pencil cases and hair bows are all ready-made or made within the day. They will be dispatched within a few days of ordering, life permitting. Kids clothes (and adults when available) are made-to-order and as such I will often need to order in fabric and supplies when orders are placed. Because of this, made-to-order items have a longer dispatch time on them and you should be aware of this when ordering. Also if you order made-to-order items alongside ready-made items, your order will be shipped as one, therefore causing you the longer dispatch time. If you require anything different, please let me know.

I am more than happy to make custom items, whether jewellery, bows or clothes. Please send me an email to hello@closetgeek.co.uk to discuss. I also make custom cosplay outfits, for both adults and children and will be happy to discuss these will you as well.