Frequently Asked Questions

(for all questions regarding my actual store, please checkout the F.A.Q. on my shop website – www.ClosetGeek.club)

– What is Closet Geek Makes?

I run a small business called Closet Geek. It was founded on handmade, handsewn products. Although I do a lot of embroidery now, I do love to get my sewing machine out still and its always good to attempt new products. I have decided to share some tutorials on this website, that other people might like to attempt to make. Initially I will be starting out with products I used to sell in my shop when I opened, but I hope to also find new projects to try myself and then share with you.

– Will you be selling these products?

No, I don’t intend to sell any of the products that I will be making tutorials for. However I do have a pile of pencil cases that are due to go in a ready to ship sale at some point and I will possibly pop some of the items I make in the tutorials on my site as one-off ready to ship items too. They will not become standard stock though.

– Will you be offering craft boxes with all the things I need for making one of these projects?

I would absolutely love to do that and it’s something I had been considering doing as part of my shop, before I decided to make these tutorials. When times have settled down a little I would love to sell craft boxes.

– Do I need a sewing machine for these projects?

I think for the most part the answer to this will be yes. If you have one, sewing machine sewing is usually neater and sturdier than hand sewing. However if you don’t have a sewing machine then I’m sure some of them could be attempted by hand. I will try to make a few tutorials that don’t require a sewing machine though.

– Can I make a suggestion or contribute myself?

I’m happy to take suggestions! I can’t promise that I will be able to make them or do a tutorial but I’m definitely happy to consider your requests. If you want a go at doing a tutorial yourself, I’m happy to accept contributions. It’s probably best to email me (closetgeeksite@gmail.com) so we can discuss it but if you’re happy to make up the instructions and pictures, I can add it to the site and of course offer credit and links back to you on social media or any website you may have.